With floor-to-ceiling windows, our inside space lets the outside in. Our classrooms provide opportunities for art and creative play, sensory play, building and construction, science, music, and dramatic play.

We play outside daily – exploring, building and creating with natural materials and "loose parts" that children can combine, manipulate, and adapt. We regularly explore our neighbourhood and city, taking advantage of the many public recreation and cultural offerings in the area.



Our Toddler Room accommodates 18 children, aged 18 months to 3.5 years and has three Early Childhood Educators. Our Toddler Room is a mixed-age group, providing a family-style type of care. Our environment incorporates a variety of open-ended and flexible materials which help to foster cognitive, emotional, social and both fine and gross motor development. Our goals for the Toddler Room are for children to gain self-help skills, to begin to effectively problem-solve, to practice empathy and compassion, and to engage in hands-on inquiry and investigation.

Toddlers are given opportunities to make choices daily, and their decisions are respected. When problems arise, Toddlers are helped to resolve conflicts and move on to new challenges and experiences.



Our Preschool Room accommodates 24 children, aged 3.5 to 5 years, and has three Early Childhood Educators. Our classroom has a wide range of materials that invite children to explore endless ways of investigating the world around them. Our room provides for free play and exploration through Creative Art, Construction & Building, Science & Nature, Music, Storytelling, and Dramatic Play. Our goals of the preschool room are for children to become competent learners and gain experiences with problem-solving, relationships, communication, empathy, and hands-on inquiry.

Preschoolers have frequent off-site activities, exploring our neighbourhood and city. Regular bus and ferry rides, visits to the library, parks, playgrounds, splashpads, community gardens and museums are a core part of our programming in the Preschool room. Preschoolers gain confidence in navigating the city and are exposed to a wide range of activities and settings.


In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.
— Margaret Atwood

At a Tiny Lab we play outside - in the sun, rain, snow and everything in between. We have two outdoor play areas filled with natural materials and designed for loose parts play. In addition to our two onsite play spaces, we regularly take advantage of the many public recreation and cultural amenities in the area.

Our Preschoolers are off-site often, both on walks to various sites in the community (North End Library, Hope Blooms Park, George Dixon Playground and Splashpad, the Halifax Common, the Citadel) and by bus and ferry to explore the city.

Our Toddlers are also often out in the community on a smaller scale -community walks to Hope Blooms Garden, weekly Library visits, bus rides for our Senior Toddlers and exploring Point Pleasant Park.



We believe that fostering a sense of community, belonging and neighbourhood pride is an important part of early childhood development. Exposure to a stimulating, diverse environment and community helps to challenges children’s curiosity and desire to understand their world.

A Tiny Lab is also fortunate to have some amazing neighbours and organizations that graciously contribute to and enrich our programming, including: Hope BloomsCommon Roots Urban Farm, Bite-sized KitchenMi’Kmaq Child Development Centre, and the Wild Child Forest School.