A Tiny Lab Pride Parade

It's Pride Week here in Halifax and for the first time ever we decided to have a 'Rainbow Day' today as well as a 'Tiny Lab Pride Parade'. Our hearts are full with the response from our families and our community here in Halifax. We encouraged the kids to wear rainbows, bright colours, or whatever makes them truly happy today. The teachers planned a fun morning of rainbow play in the classrooms and planned a route for a short walk around our neighbourhood - with both the Toddlers and Preschoolers marching together. We received the most unbelievable and beautiful donations from Patch Halifax, as well as a visit from the Director of Halifax Pride who dropped off mini flags for all of our kids to wave. It was a beautiful and fun morning and we are so looking forward to making this an annual tradition. The teachers are already talking about extending it next year to invite children from the neighbouring child care centres and various organizations that welcome in children every day. We are hoping for a truly 'Tiny Pride Parade' for many years to come. As we begin the work together as a team to embrace, define and put into daily practice an Anti-Bias approach at A Tiny Lab, we are so grateful for the opportunity today to reflect on the joy, love and diversity around us. We are so proud to support our LGBTQ families and the diversity of the North End of Halifax. Happy Pride! 

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